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Helping Hands

Behind everything we do, there are generous volunteers like you who make it happen. In order for us to provide the highest quality services possible, we depend on the commitment of a strong corps of dedicated volunteers. The services you provide as a volunteer not only assist us in continuing our work, but maybe even more importantly, you touch the hearts of our staff, patients and the community. You inspire and motivate us in way that cannot be counted on any form or record.

In our commitment to provide a safe environment for our staff, patients, volunteers and visitors we have established a drug-free workplace policy. We strictly prohibit the illicit use, possession, sale, distribution, manufacture of controlled substance on the premises. Controlled Substances include alcohol, illegal drugs, inhalants, prescriptions and over the counter drugs. We ask that all staff, patients, volunteers and visitors adhere to our drug-free policy.

We screen volunteers and require information regarding their criminal history. If you have a criminal history it will not prohibit you from being able to volunteer. Depending on the nature of the crime it may limit your volunteer opportunities. We realize that no one is perfect, and that people make mistakes.

Please sign up today to gain experience and a sense of accomplishment while making a real difference in your life and the lives of others. Lend a helping hand at some of our yearly events:

Interested volunteers should apply by filling out the Volunteer Application and Background Screening Form.


For more information on volunteer opportunities contact our Human Resources Director

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