At Care 4 U Community Health Center (C4UCHC) we respect your rights, values, and dignity and are dedicated to providing patients and their families with high-quality medical care. 

As a patient of the C4UCHC, we fully support your rights to:


  • You have the right to impartial access to medical treatment.

  • You have the right to be treated with courtesy and respect of your individual dignity and protection of your need for privacy.

  • You have the right to not be discriminated against in admission, treatment, or participation in our programs, services, and activities.


  • You have the right to be free from all forms of abuse or harassment.


  • You have the right to personal privacy; the right to access, and obtain information on disclosures of your health information, in accordance with law and regulation.


  • You have the right to access information contained in your clinical records and the right to allow a family member, friend, or other individual to be present for emotional support during your visit.

  • You have the right to receive care in a safe setting. And, the right to treatment for any emergency medical condition that will deteriorate if treatment is not provided.


  • You have the right to know the rules and regulations that apply to your conduct.


  • You have the right to be involved in your medical care decisions.

  • You have the right to know about available patient support services if you do not speak English or are sight or hearing impaired.

  • You have the right to participate in the development and implementation of your plan of care.


  • You have the right to know if medical treatment is for experimental research and the right to give your consent or to refuse to participate in experimental research.​

  • You have the right to a reasonable estimate of charges for your medical care.

  • You have the right to a copy of a clear and understandable, itemized bill and have charges explained.

  • You have the right to full information regarding available financial resources for your care.

  • You have the right to know if you eligible for Medicare.


  • You have the right to information concerning diagnosis, planned course of treatment, alternatives, risks, and prognosis.

  • You have the right to express grievances to the appropriate state licensing agency regarding any violation of your rights as stated in Florida law using the grievance procedure of your health care provider or facility.

  • You have the right to refuse treatment, except as otherwise provided by law.