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Patient Resources

Grievance Procedures

Care 4 U Community Health Center (C4UCHC) is committed to providing quality patient care and satisfaction. C4UCHC formal Grievance Procedures provides for the resolution of patient complaints/grievances for which staff shall handle consistently and in a timely manner. We will track complaints/grievances to implement any necessary changes and process improvements under the direction of the Human Resources Department.


  • Complaint: a verbal expression of dissatisfaction by the patient regarding care or services provided by C4UCHC which can be resolved at the point at which it occurs by the staff present. Most complaints will have simple solutions that can be promptly addressed and are considered resolved when the patient is satisfied with the action taken on their behalf.

  • Grievance: a formal written or verbal, real or imagined wrong or other cause for complaint or protest (i.e., HIPAA violation, long wait time, disrespect, harassment, abuse, discrimination, neglect, preferential treatment, etc.) sent to Human Resources OR any request from a family to treat a complaint like a grievance will be considered grievance.

  • Grievant: one who submits a grievance for resolution through a grievance procedure (i.e., patient).

Grievance Procedures


  • All patients have the right to file a complaint in verbal or written format.

  • Information to file a formal complaint/grievance will be clearly displayed in C4UCHC office.

  • The Grievance Form will be made available to any patient upon request.

  • Any employee who receives a complaint from a patient/family member shall immediately attempt to resolve the complaint within that employee’s role and authority.

  • If the complaint cannot be immediately resolved, the employee shall escalate the complaint through the appropriate chain of command.

  • The supervisor shall resolve the complaint or take steps to continue the resolution process with the knowledge and agreement of the patient/family making the complaint.

  • At any time during the complaint resolution process, the Human Services Department may be contacted for assistance, advice, or support.

  • Upon resolution of the complaint the supervisor of the department shall communicate all findings on the Patient Grievance Form to the Human Resources Department.


  • All patients have the right to file a grievance in verbal or written format.

  • Information to file a grievance will be clearly displayed in C4UCHC office.

  • The Grievance Form will be made available to any patient upon request.

  • Grievant patients shall have the right to assistance during the grievance process and continuation of service without hindrance as a result of filing a grievance.

  • All staff implicated in the grievance claim shall be educated concerning the importance of the C4UCHC grievance process and procedures.

  • Human Resources will have the following duties:

  • Ensuring the patient receives fair and impartial continuation of service.


  • Assisting the patient with completion of the grievance process.


  • Resolving the grievance in a fair and impartial manner.

  • A verbal grievance must be followed by a formal written grievance within 30 business days of the initial incident if not resolved.

  • Grievances not reported within the 30 day timeframe release C4UCHC from any and all liability.

  • Personal claims may be made against the individual subject separately from C4UCHC.

Grievance Form

  • The Grievance Form must be completed in writing and submitted to Human Resources. Human Resources will explain the grievance procedure and provide a copy of the grievance policy and procedures to the patient.


  • The grievant will make a statement in writing on the grievance form, signing and dating the statement. The statement will include all details of the grievance.


  • The grievant will be given a copy of the signed and dated statement.


  • Human Reources will place a copy of the incident report in both the grievant’s and/or employee’s file and maintain records in any other required format.

  • Human Resources will inform all parties involved and schedule a Grievance Investigation which will include:

  • Interviews of all parties involved.

  • Assessment of the responsibility and/or culpability of all parties involved.

  • Contacting the grievant for additional information if needed.


  • Within 15 working days of receiving the grievance, the Grievance Committee composed of the following individuals will review the grievance.

  • Director of Human Resources

  • Chief Operations Officer

  • Employee Manager


  • The Grievance Committee will review all information concerning the grievance and evaluate the nature of the problem and corrective actions then document findings in a grievance letter.

  • The grievant has the right to appeal the findings and re-petition the grievance committee within seven days of receiving a formal response. If you are not satisfied with the finding(s), you may then file grievance directly with Medicaid, AHCA, DCF, HRSA, etc.​

Florida Department of Children and Families

401 NW 2nd Avenue, Suite N-812
Miami, Florida  33128

(786) 257-5191

Agency for Health Care Administration

2727 Mahan Drive, Mail Stop 4

Tallahassee, FL 32308 
(850) 412-3960

If you need any additional information on our grievance procedures contact our Human Resources Director

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