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Blood Test

We provide the following primary medical care services:

We provide the following STD Screening Services:

HIV Testing and Counseling

HIV and STI screenings are included in the patients’ visits. The patient has the right to “OPT Out”. To “OPT Out” let the Nurse know if you do not want to have any of these test. HIV Testing and Counseling Services are provided on our mobile testing van and in the office. Couples, partners, and friends may test together. Test results can be provided in 20 minutes and have 99% sensitivity to detecting HIV.

Stop by or Call (305) 835-0101 for more information. No appointment needed. Walk-ins are welcome.

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) Screenings

STI Screenings include syphilis, chlamydia and gonorrhea. There are treatment options available. Most STIs, including HIV, are required to be reported to the Florida Department of Health.

Hepatitis C (HepC) Screening

HepC screening and treatment options are available. In clinical studies, 96-99% of patients who had no prior treatment were cured with just 12 weeks of therapy.

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